The Skrei (Atlantic Cod) Festival

The Skrei (Atlantic Cod) Festival at the Coastal Namdal

Once a year in late winter the great wonder happens! The sprawning cod – skrei or North Atlantic Cod – comes from the Barents sea to the coast of Norway. This happening has always been of great importance for people on the islands of Vikna – both because of the possibility of acheiving such delicious food and as an important source of income. There is no other place south of the Lofoten Islands where the fishing for this cod has been more important, and the skrei is still greatly valued by people here. We have therefore decided to celebrate the arrival of the sprawning cod with a culinary and cultural festival – please feel welcome and be our guest!

The festival is specially dedicated those who like to enjoy themselves in a maritime environment, learn about the cultural history of the coast through the participation in various cultural events and at last but not least – enjoy the traditional plate of skrei with liver and roe, as well as the delicious creamed fish soup from Vikna!

Some of the events during the festival includes the possibility to go to a fishing station far out at sea, where the local fishermen deliver their catches to local buyers; a traditional fair where you can buy quality products of local crafts; competitions; pub-nights; great culinary experiences as well as theatre and other cultural experiences.


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